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i invent

Soupelina soups are supplements in food form, the real food as medicine you hear so much about. My soups are prepared with proprietary techniques and lots of love, not to mention creative thinking to serve medicinal quality food that is delicious, refined and healthy.



i obsess

From when the veggies are picked to where the spices come from, even what container you eat from, I am particular in perfecting every detail. I want you to eat for your health, heal, prevent and overcome illness; and in the process take you on a culinary adventure with style, texture, and layers of flavor. 



i care

I don’t play by the “industry” rules and I test my creations on real people like my family, my friends and myself. My recipes use spices and herbs from different parts of the world, incorporating different cuisines and healing practices. It’s the magic.


i discover

I travel the world to discover ancient healing herbs, seeds, spices and flowers that transform health. Every discovery is an event I’m passionate about and experience it with an open heart, open mind and open mouth.



i am
on a mission

I am on a mission to heal people through food, to inspire people to contribute and make a difference in a stronger, healthier community by buying local ingredients and supporting organic farmers.  We create a healthier and happier planet by giving people the opportunity to nourish their bodies and minds with healthy, delicious and flavor-packed soups that supercharge your wellbeing and make your beauty shine from within.

Herbal Treatment


For centuries, doctors and healers in every culture have recommended soups and broths to cleanse, nourish and heal. There’s a reason for that. Soup enables your body to go naturally into detox mode while replenishing it with essential minerals, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.

The Science of Soupelina

you absorb more minerals

Soups are easier to digest. Cooking softens the fibers, warms the food, and helps your body digest everything.  True, it destroys a few vitamins, but it makes minerals much easier to absorb.

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you eat more veggies

Think about it: an entire bag of spinach becomes a tiny portion the moment you steam it. One bowl of soup can have two bags! The amount of nutrition you are getting is mind-blowing. Veggies are the best prebiotics to promote the growth if good gut flora.

you get more yang

Ying and Yang are a fundamental part of Traditional Chinese Medicine; yin is negative and dark, while yang is positive and bright. More yang which is what soups provide is better for healing, mostly because toxins are yin. 

soups balance doshas

In Ayurveda, soups are the cornerstone of healing. Raw foods are considered cold and harder to digest. Gentle cooking, spices and herbs in the soups enhance digestion, provide nutrients and create more satiety. Your body relaxes; the organs get a little time off from breaking down food, allowing liver and kidney to easily dispose of toxins. 

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