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the soup glow is real


Elina is a culinary shaman, and her soups are powerful elixirs. What a gift these delicious potions are; all you have to do is eat, heal and thrive!

Kathy Freston

New York Times Best-Selling Author

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I'm on a one-month Soupelina cleanse, it's changing my life. I am soooo lit.

Shaman Durek

Sixth Generation Shaman & Author

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Soup is hot! Hollywood rallied around Elina Fuhrman’s Blue Zones-approved vegan soups like 'I Yam Who I Yam'.

Dan Buettner

Founder of Blue Zones,
New York Times Best-Selling Author


Elina changed the epigenetic expression of her genes, to help her heal rather than hurt her. I’m inspired by Elina’s story and wish more people would take control of their health as she did. I’m a huge fan of soups! They provide released nutrients in high doses that are more available for absorption.

Dr. Daniel Amen, MD

Founder & Medica Director, The Amen Clinics
12-Time New York Times Best-Selling Author

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The formulation of the Soupelina soups were guided by nutritional science…the carefully selected nutrients in them are intended to target important functions, such as immune health, blood sugar balance, anti-inflammatory activity, and gastrointestinal health.

Dr. Anthony Bazzan,

Medical Director, Marcus Institute of Integrative Health- Jefferson Health, and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences, Thomas Jefferson University

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Soupelina’s soups and broths very much help you fight cancer. There’s a long tradition of healing the gut with soups and broths, and actually boosting immunity.

Dr. Gerard Mullen, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, gastroenterologist, nutritionist, gut microbiome authority 


Soupelina is a cure for all

that troubles you.

Abigail Breslin

Academy Award Nominated Actress


Loving my Soupelina soups!

#healthy #bikiniseason #yummy

LeeAnn Rimes

Recording Artist


I’m a big fan of Soupelina’s soups! If you want something lite and healthy, or you are seeking out a soup cleanse, Soupelina is super handy. And Elina (founder) is adorable

Alicia Silverstone

Actress & Author


Elina’s soups are life-changing!

Kiernan Shipka



If you are feeling out of balance, my prescription would be Soupelina’s Veggie Healing Broth. Its works like a charm!

Dr. Gez Agolli, ND, Ph.D. MBBS

Co-Founder, Progressive Medical Centers


It took a journey through cancer for Elina Fuhrman to find her passion. Who knew soup was in her heart?  Full of goodness, energy, and health, Elina and Soupelina have a lot in common!

Dr. Kristi Funk, MD

Breast Cancer Surgeon


Your soups are delicious! All the doctors liked them. We tell our patients about them.

Dr. Mao Shing Ni, LAC, Ph.D

38th Generation Chinese Medicine Doctor & New York Times Best-Selling Author


As a nutrition MD, I’m a huge fan of Soupelina soups as a truly nourishing component of a healthy diet rich in plant foods. I’m definitely going to be sipping Soupelina’s Magic Turmeric Broth on a regular basis

Dr. Melina Jampolis, MD, PNS

President, National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists

Suze Yalof Schwartz

A Soupelina cleanse is perfect. Your body will thank you!

Suze Yalof Schwartz

Founder, UNPLUG Meditation 

ashley curiel

I don’t ever recall having this kind of mental calm!! It’s pretty incredible. These delicious, healthy, amazing soups have revolutionized my life, especially my work week. My runny nose is gone as well.

Ashley Curiel, Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist

Caley Alyssa

Soupelina soups are truly medicinal and really delicious.

Caley Alyssa

Founder, The Academy of Yogic Sleep

theresa diamond pilates

Elina’s soups strengthened my son’s immune system, helped reduce inflammation, and eliminated food allergies which in turn healed his extensive eczema. 

Holistic Health Practitioner

Theresa Diamond

soupelina transformations

"Thank you, Soupelina, for teaching me about the healing powers of soup! Just finishing my 3-day soup cleanse and feeling great. I do this at the start of the changing of the seasons or whenever I return home from a long trip away. It’s been a great reset through the years and something I keep coming back to when I need something comforting, that brings me back to health and strength.”


- Krystal Chryssomallis, Global Operations Executive, Los Angeles 

"I am forever grateful to Elina for sharing her healing soups with my entire family. Soupelina came to me during a time when I was healing my son from severe mold exposure. I cooked meticulously and fed him the cleanest ingredients and recipes to heal his gut and entire body. Soupelina supported me in taking our healing journey to the next level. Elina’s soups strengthened my son’s immune system, helped reduce inflammation, and eliminated food allergies which in turn healed his extensive eczema. I am forever grateful to Elina’s wisdom, beautiful soul, and enormous love which is deliciously infused in all of her cooking!"


- Theresa Diamond, Holistic Health Practitioner

“After my third breast cancer diagnosis, I was told that my days were numbered. Elina spent a week with me, coaching me on everything, from nutrition and supplements to medical tests and complimentary treatments. My tumor shrank 60% after only one week with Elina, and I stayed on her protocol for months. I’m still here, three years later.”

– Marlis R., retired

“After months of crazy migraines, extreme fatigue, food sensitivity, yeast infections and heavy bloating, I was diagnosed with a few autoimmune conditions as well as poorly functioning liver. It was extremely overwhelming to navigate, and it affected my ability to work, perform, and live life as I was used to. 

When I started working with Elina, she recommended I start by healing my gut and digestion issues, and prescribed a custom food plan starting with a 5-day soup cleanse.  After only a few days, I had zero bloating and my stabbing pain in the stomach completely disappeared. Headaches became very minimal, and I knew I was off to a good start. I lost 10 lbs in just one week and continued with Elina’s protocol. Amazingly, within only a few weeks, my liver lab tests came back with normal enzymes.”

– Hannah Minardi, founder, Los Angeles

“I had acne and stomach issues when I came to see Elina to help me through the difficult times. Elina is the most knowledgeable, helpful and kind soul. I did Soupelina’s 5-day soup cleanse and it immediately cleared up my acne and relieved my digestion and tummy issues. Elina knew exactly what would make my stomach issue better, and created soups for it. Moreover, she suggested other foods, tools and supplements that I still incorporate in my diet. I’ve been prescribed so many creams, antibiotics and medications for my acne and none worked, but since I incorporated Elina’s food as medicine protocol, my skin has been 100% clear and I have been so much happier”

– Joline Nehoray, entrepreneur, Beverly Hills

“I went into early menopause at 41 and gained a lot of weight. When I ordered my first Soupelina cleanse back in 2015, I was hoping to lose a few pounds. Elina followed up with me and prescribed a series of custom cleanses and the maintenance program, to get me back on track. Not only did I lose weight, my period came back. I’ve been a loyal Soupelina client since then and always recommend Elina’s soups”

– Lisa B., entertainment executive, Santa Monica

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was in a dark place desperately trying to navigate my diagnosis. Elina introduced me to a whole new way of living that included not only looking at what I eat as medicine, but also how I process my emotions, how I breathe, what I think and how I show up in the world. After 3 months of working with Elina, my follow-up MRI showed a reduction of lesions in half…I stuck with Elina’s protocol and continued my healing naturally. Not only did she inspire me, she supported me throughout my journey.  It’s been three years, my MS is no longer detectable and I’m feeling healthier than I’ve ever been. Now I know a whole new way of living. Elina changed my life!”

– Elizabeth B, entrepreneur, Beverly Hills

“Soupelina has healing power!  The Veggie Healing Broth is a miracle liquid. I was feeling under the weather with a terrible sinus headache and tried several other natural methods to relieve it but was still in pain and nauseous.  One full day of The Veggie Healing Broth brought me back to life. The combination of cayenne pepper, ginger and Asian veggies among the freshest ingredients make for an amazing broth that soothes the tummy, opens up the breathing passages, loosens flem and eases the headache.  The healing from this broth is natural and pure so there is no "cold" hangover. Not having to leave my house to heal was a bonus. Elina is a warm and inspirational soul. She will work with you to develop a soup regime that suits your health goals.”

– Maria Gonzalez, record industry executive, Los Angeles

“A year ago I made a major decision to completely cleanse and change my life. Soupelina soups aided me in the process of me purifying my body and resetting my mind. High caliber ingredients, clean recipes, and the knowledge to take control of my own body, have all played a massive role in my recovery. I have been given me a second chance on a happy and healthy lifestyle and so thankful for this health rebirth! I’m such a believer in the power of Soupelina! Elina Fuhrman has created a concept that is simple yet revolutionary; give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay strong, focused, and healthy.”

– Adam Drawas, fashion stylist, West Hollywood

“Soupelina’s 3-day cleanse was just what I needed to lose a couple pounds while not sacrificing my life for delicious food. I have tried juice cleanses on several occasions and always found that I would be so hungry that I spent all three days obsessing about not being able to eat. The soup cleanse was so much more filling. I had more energy and a clearer head than when I juiced. The soups were so flavorful and downright fantastic. My favorite is I Can’t Believe It’s Butternut. It’s so creamy! It’s hard to believe it has no dairy in it! In addition to cleansing, I also have enjoyed supplementing my daily meals with these soups.”

– Pam Bushman, Encino

“I had a tumor in my Parotid gland and an extensive 5-hour surgery. I heard about Elina’s healing soups and ordered a 5-day cleanse to aid me post-surgery. I loved the soups so much that I decided to stick to an all-soup custom diet prescribed by Elina for another week. What can I say, Soupelina soups have been amazing for my recovery! My Doctor is in shock at how fast I’m healing and I give all the credit to Soupelina”

– Gia Cole

“My husband and I were trying to conceive when I started seeing my acupuncturist, and he recommended I go on a Soupelina cleanse to help my body. After several consecutive weeks on Elina’s custom magical soup cleanse, I got pregnant!”

– Macy Gardner

“Fact: I love anything that makes my daily life healthier and saves me time and hassle with my nonstop schedule. Which is why when I want to pack in more nutrition in my diet, have a cold, or simply don't have time to prepare meals, Soupelina is an amazing must-have nutritional powerhouse. With Elina's unwavering commitment to true overall health, use of organic and high quality ingredients, and healing and improving our immune systems with her soups and broths, prepare to become smitten from your first serving and most importantly, enjoy every health delicious slurp!"

- Sara Mohazzebi, writer, Los Angeles, CA

“I had scalp psoriasis extending to my forehead and down around my eyes. I’ve tried prescribed medications and done juice cleanses to clear my condition. Nothing worked.  I heard about Elina’s book and ordered it, but while I was waiting for it to arrive, I ordered Elina’s cleanse protocol with Soupelina. The cleanse was super: all the soups are delicious, satisfying and filling.  And miraculously, after only 3 days my psoriasis cleared up! I cried the morning I woke up and saw clear skin. Please know how much I appreciate your help and support!”

– Karen Dell

“Soupelina soups are unlike any soups you’ve ever tried. Each soup is uniquely delicious and healing, truly created with love incorporating the freshest ingredients. Every time I sit down with my cute Soupelina container, I feel transported to another planet. The flavors are out of this world, they make me feel better immediately. With Soupelina, I know that I’m loved and that everything will be okay. I love you too, Soupelina! Thank you for changing my life and making me a better person.”


- Morgan N., Los Angeles

"I incorporate Soupelina into my daily dietary regimen.  After my first delivery of the 5-day cleanse, I was hooked.  I live a very busy lifestyle and Soupelina is a quick, convenient supplemental resource I use to get in the nutrients needed to keep me energized and nourished all day long.  I take my soups with me everywhere I go.” 


– Chaz Dean, celebrity hairstylist

“I have never met anyone like Elina. She romances food even while shopping for the ingredients. She would caress, touch, smell, say kind words and get excited about every vegetable and herb’s place of origin.  Who knew food could be treated that way?  As Elina’s guest, I had the privilege of shopping and watching her prepare meals but she didn't just prepare meals, she had ceremonies and rituals in honor of the food.  This passion was beyond my expectations and I know that everything that went in my mouth was blessed with her energy and respect for whole foods. After 5 days my body was transforming from the inside out. I felt it healed, like my body was saying ‘thank you’ for the soups, juices and all the other special meals. Anything Elina touches is worth the rave.  I wanted Elina to adopt me and take care of all my nutritional needs. Thank you, Elina!”


– Rose Garcia, psychologist, New York

“I was really lucky to have found Elina Fuhrman & Soupelina. Actually, I kept hearing from my neighbors about her amazing soups. Elina did not disappoint. For someone who has to do gluten-free, it can be a real challenge finding great, healthy soups (that don't come from a can or a box). I tried Elina's soups and I was hooked. Besides the fact that Elina is talented and gregarious, she also cares about her clients and their overall health. She is making people healthier one soup at a time. My personal favorites are Lentil Me Entertain You and I Can’t Believe It’s Butternut.”

– Cathy Chase, Studio City

 “I rarely order soups because of the sodium contents, but the sodium content in these amazing soups is just about as low as I have ever tasted! The flavor is coming from the ingredients…. NOT from SALT like most soups!! You simply must give these a try…. I think you will be so surprised…. I know I was!! SOUPELINA is just about as good as it gets!!”


– Laura Dunn, Beverly Hills

"I started eating Soupelina over a year ago to help boost my energy levels and add extra nutrition to my diet. Not only are the soups delicious (Kale-Ifornia Dreamin’  is my favorite), but they are packed with so many vitamins and healing nutrients that I feel energized and most importantly, nourished, after eating a bowl of Soupelina. Incorporating Soupelina into my routine has made me feel better than ever before.”

– Terena Eisner, writer, Los Angeles

“After the first day of the Soupelina 3-day cleanse, I felt energized and ready to take on the next two days of cleansing. Day two was a bit more difficult, though ending the day made me feel even more grateful for my soul, mind, body and will-power. After day three, I was glowing from the inside out! Not only does Soupelina deliver delicious soups and results on your overall mental, spiritual and physical health, but the team behind the company are role models for us all. It is evident they pour their hearts into Soupelina and their desire for the overall health and well-being of our society is inspiring.”


– Kelly Tangney, Los Angeles

“I’ve been vegan for a while and it isn’t easy to find delicious soups, especially with clean ingredients. I wasn't feeling well, so I decided to do a weeklong cleanse and I loved every soup I had. I never felt deprived or hungry; it was great to know I was eating something truly healthy. Having it all prepared for you and not having to think about what to make for each meal made it stress free. Within just a few days I started feeling much better from all of the healing soups. I never ended up getting sick and I felt even better after the cleanse than I had before I started to get sick. I plan to do this cleanse regularly and would refer it to everyone!”


– Cori Bardo, Silver Lake

“I just completed my 5-day Soupelina cleanse and I feel amazing! I didn’t know that losing 7 pounds in just 5 days would be that easy! I’m going to keep this up because I’ve never felt better. Not only was I able to finally fit into my skinny jeans, I’m better balanced, can finally concentrate on my work and kids, my skin is glowing and I feel so empowered! Thank you, Soup Fairy Soupelina, for giving me my old energy and body back. Good bye, fatigue!  Hello, a better me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  


— Donna Anthony, Bel Air

“I wanted to write this to thank Elina for her wholesome healthy soups. I’ve been struggling with high cholesterol for years and tried many medications. Nothing worked until I tried her healing soup cleanse. I have to admit, I was skeptical but wanted to try anyway because I enjoy soups. When my doctor told me that my levels were good for the first time in years just after one week of souping, I couldn’t believe it. Eating healthy does work and it does change your life. Thank you for making me a believer! And for your soups, they are truly made with love. Keep doing what you are doing, you are making a difference.”


— Stacy, Los Angeles

"I was skeptical; Soupelina said I could lose 3 pounds in 3 days.  Don’t get me wrong, I love soup, and all things cleansing, but I had never done a Soup Cleanse.  She said she would even deliver everything I would eat for three days right to my door!  I said, “I’m in”!  Just as she promised, I lost 3 pounds in 3 days!  It was easy, and I wasn’t even hungry.  Three soups and two broths per day kept me full and surprisingly satisfied.  Her special blends are nutritious and hearty, and they’re packed with loads of flavor.  I’m not talking about the boring canned stuff here, I’m talking about delicious sustenance that aids in digestion, maintains metabolism, and makes your skin glow!  Now about that 5 Day Cleanse… I’m calling Soupelina stat!”


— Amby Longhofer, Beverly Hills

“I never thought that I could get so much satisfaction and an explosion of flavors from a soup until Soupelina arrived on the scene. Elina’s loving attention to every ingredient that she puts in her magic soup potions are a dose of good energy. Every time I have one of her extraordinary soup blends, I feel a nurturing warmth of goodness. Thank you, Soup Fairy Elina for bringing some magic my way.”


– Shivangi Sutra, yogi

“I don't know how Elina makes her soups so flavorful without what I was use to, tons of animal fat. Her soups are filling, delicious; the perfect comfort food. I have incorporated her knowledge of healthy eating into my diet and I am seeing results. Thank you!”


– Adina Porter, actress, Los Angeles

“Just wanted to let you know that I loved your soups! They were delicious and even made me change my mind about kale. Today is my 3rd day and I didn’t feel deprived of food. I will be back to order more.”


– Etienne, Los Angeles

“I'm still thinking about your amazing Kale-Sorrel soup! So delicious and I completely felt my body got a little bit healthier from that one cup! Thank you for all that you do. I adore your company and what you stand for and can't wait to order my first Soupelina and spread the word!"

– Brittany Ishibashi, actress, Los Angeles

“Soupelina's soups are of the highest quality ingredients available.  They taste great, make you feel great and don't even resemble soups you get elsewhere.  Ever feel like your head is going to explode from the salt in other soups?  Not here!  The nutritional value is through the roof!  Despite the fact that Soupelina soups are 100% vegan and organic and that I am a sworn meat eater and a body builder, I still love them!”

– Jason Kozma, personal trainer, body builder

“I was in Los Angeles for several surgeries and staying at a hotel. It takes time to recover from surgeries and nutritious meals are paramount to proper healing, especially since I couldn’t have solid food for a few days. The discovery of Soupelina was a godsend! I had three days of healing nutritious soups delivered to my hotel room. I was looking forward to my soups and loved the variety. I felt so good that I couldn’t believe my body has been through so much. When my doctor saw me for my post-op appointment, he was surprised that I had no bruising anywhere. I attribute that to the healing powers of Soupelina’s soups. When I get back home, I’m definitely getting on the Soupelina cleanse again! I feel happy, full of energy and light!”


– Ava M.

“I’m loving the cleanse! I feel great, even without meat and coffee. Two of my friends are starting today too. “


– Lynsey F.

“I’m not a soup person. I never buy it or order it in restaurants. Yet, somehow, Elina’s magical concoctions have changed my mind about soup. Hers are not at all “soupy” but delicious and satisfying. I never thought I would find myself enjoying soup this much.”


– Cynthia Bain, theater owner, Los Angeles

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