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health coaching

Elina opens up 1:1 coaching spots on a limited basis 2-3x a year for souls who are 100% committed to creating change in their lives, healing their health conditions, getting to the root cause of their symptoms and welcoming a vibrant healthy body and soul.

Three months commitment required.

1:1 coaching clients must commit to a minimum of three months

Elina only works with those who want to measure their growth, both quantifiably and qualitatively, who understand how decades of neglecting their needs, low self worth, lack of self trust, and past conditioning impacted their health and committed to the time, energy and work that goes into becoming aware of, healing, and integrating.

to rid yourself of what truly no longer serves your expansion.


you can expect to have  your current  beliefs + life  shaken up

Elina has an uncanny ability to uncover what lies underneath your resistance as well as what exactly is causing your resistance.

your resistance is that feeling of:

cancer support

Elina is fascinated and humbled by the body’s ability to heal itself. She is dedicated to supporting your body’s intelligence and guiding you to healing. It is her passion to bring radiant health to those wanting to conquer cancer and get more out of life.


Three months commitment required.



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A modern day medicine woman, Elina has become a spiritual mother and nurturer for many who have come to her with their health woes. She deeply feels and understands the sensitivity of the work she’s been called to do and treats her clients like family.


Elina inspires people to take back their health by changing their diet and improving their lifestyle practices. She has worked for over a decade with cancer patients, health professionals, clinics and hospital-centered programs, teaching the importance of food in healing and prevention.


An internationally acclaimed holistic expert, plant-based chef, wellness activist and coach, author and cancer conqueror, Elina Fuhrman is on a mission to help people live their healthiest lives, and help you transmute your illness or diagnosis into a vibrant living. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences to empower others to take control of their wellbeing and create a life they love.


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