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Made With Love + Magic

For me, crafting healing soups is a labor of love. I handpick every single ingredient and tend to each soup with individualized love and care. I also sprinkle magic into every soup, with blessings, prayers and high vibrations. 

Elina XO

Elina Fuhrman joyfully holding mushrooms and thyme
Babaganoush Ingredients in Stone Bowl

always organic

Farm fresh Kohlrabi in Hands





no allergens,

low sodium,


& grain free

Shake Your Tamarind Ingredients




we are here to help you
hit your health goals

Soupelina Soup Cleanse is the original most-trusted soup cleanse that provides strong immune support to help you and your entire family stay healthy or heal from illnesses.

Soupelina Soup Cleanse is also the solution to the healthy and sexy you, the slimmer you, without aches, pains, and that afternoon slump; with glowing, clear skin (good-bye acne!), PMS-free months (who came up with PMS anyway?), and without any stress (is that even possible?).

Elina Looking to the Future
Lentil Soup Ingredients

 all the good stuff
none of the bad

We craft our soups from organic veggies, herbs and spices into a daily immunity boosting meal. We don’t add anything that won’t increase the healing powers and nutritional value of the soups.

so powerful,
you feel them working

Our soups and broths are nutritional powerhouses. They heal, they boost, they prevent and they nourish. Not to mention inject you with powerful energy, and elevate your spirit.  The unique combinations of slowly cooked organic veggies, roots, herbs and spices means every spoonful is full of flavor and tastes out-of-this-world delicious. 

The Fuhrman Family enjoying Beet Soup Together
Elina Pouring Beet Soup

 healing your gut
one spoonful at a time

Whether you are here to lose weight or heal a chronic condition, it’s not enough to just eat right, it’s absorbing the goodness of the organic ingredients that’s so important. Every one of our soups and broths rebalances your microbiome with naturally rich prebiotics, probiotics, active enzymes, organic acids, aminos, and polyphenols.


still deciding
if you need a 
soup cleanse?

When you eat our soups, there’s no need for supplements, you are actually feeding your body everything you need in natural and easily digestible form. This gives it time to repair and restore the disease-fighting functions of your immune system, rebuild the fat-burning abilities of your metabolism, and the energy-boosting functions of your nerves and master glands.

the soup glow is real

Kathy Freston Vegan Author

Elina is a culinary shaman, and her soups are powerful elixirs. What a gift these delicious potions are; all you have to do is eat, heal and thrive!

Kathy Freston

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Shaman Durek

I'm on a one-month Soupelina cleanse, it's changing my life. I am soooo lit.

Shaman Durek

Sixth Generation Shaman & Author

Dan Buettner Blue Zones

Soup is hot! Hollywood rallied around Elina Fuhrman’s Blue Zones-approved vegan soups like 'I Yam Who I Yam'.

Dan Buettner

Founder of Blue Zones,
New York Times Best-Selling Author


Elina changed the epigenetic expression of her genes, to help her heal rather than hurt her. I’m inspired by Elina’s story and wish more people would take control of their health as she did. I’m a huge fan of soups! They provide released nutrients in high doses that are more available for absorption.

Dr. Daniel Amen, MD

Founder & Medica Director, The Amen Clinics
12-Time New York Times Best-Selling Author

dr bazzan.png

The formulation of the Soupelina soups were guided by nutritional science…the carefully selected nutrients in them are intended to target important functions, such as immune health, blood sugar balance, anti-inflammatory activity, and gastrointestinal health.

Dr. Anthony Bazzan,

Medical Director, Marcus Institute of Integrative Health- Jefferson Health, and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences, Thomas Jefferson University

dr mullin.jpg

Soupelina’s soups and broths very much help you fight cancer. There’s a long tradition of healing the gut with soups and broths, and actually boosting immunity.

Dr. Gerard Mullen, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, gastroenterologist, nutritionist, gut microbiome authority 

Abigail Breslin actress

Soupelina is a cure for all

that troubles you.

Abigail Breslin

Academy Award Nominated Actress

LeAnn Rimes singer

Loving my Soupelina soups!

#healthy #bikiniseason #yummy

LeeAnn Rimes

Recording Artist

Alicia Silverstone

I’m a big fan of Soupelina’s soups! If you want something lite and healthy, or you are seeking out a soup cleanse, Soupelina is super handy. And Elina (founder) is adorable

Alicia Silverstone

Actress & Author

Kiernan Shipka

Elina’s soups are life-changing!

Kiernan Shipka



If you are feeling out of balance, my prescription would be Soupelina’s Veggie Healing Broth. Its works like a charm!

Dr. Gez Agolli, ND, Ph.D. MBBS

Co-Founder, Progressive Medical Centers


It took a journey through cancer for Elina Fuhrman to find her passion. Who knew soup was in her heart?  Full of goodness, energy, and health, Elina and Soupelina have a lot in common!

Dr. Kristi Funk, MD

Breast Cancer Surgeon


Your soups are delicious! All the doctors liked them. We tell our patients about them.

Dr. Mao Shing Ni, LAC, Ph.D

38th Generation Chinese Medicine Doctor & New York Times Best-Selling Author


As a nutrition MD, I’m a huge fan of Soupelina soups as a truly nourishing component of a healthy diet rich in plant foods. I’m definitely going to be sipping Soupelina’s Magic Turmeric Broth on a regular basis

Dr. Melina Jampolis, MD, PNS

President, National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists

Suze Yalof Schwartz

A Soupelina cleanse is perfect. Your body will thank you!

Suze Yalof Schwartz

Founder, UNPLUG Meditation 

ashley curiel

I don’t ever recall having this kind of mental calm!! It’s pretty incredible. These delicious, healthy, amazing soups have revolutionized my life, especially my work week. My runny nose is gone as well.

Ashley Curiel

Clinical Psychologist

Caley Alyssa

Soupelina soups are truly medicinal and really delicious.

Caley Alyssa

Founder, The Academy of Yogic Sleep

theresa diamond pilates

Elina’s soups strengthened my son’s immune system, helped reduce inflammation, and eliminated food allergies which in turn healed his extensive eczema. 

Holistic Health Practitioner

Theresa Diamond

Sopuelina's Soup Cleanse Sample Menu with Raw Vegan Soups


decades of research

Soupelina Soup Cleanse comes with benefits that far surpass other types of diets. These benefits come from a proprietary blend of micro and macro-nutrients, and minerals that detoxify your body while nourishing you for a safer cleanse that also helps maintain energy levels.

Soupelina soups make the most of the nutrients from the superior quality ingredients that are gently cooked to be easily assimilated by the body.


Elina opens up 1:1 coaching spots on a limited basis 2-3x a year for souls who are 100% committed to creating change in their lives, healing their health conditions, getting to the root cause of their symptoms and welcoming a vibrant healthy body and soul.


Three months commitment required.



Elina is fascinated and humbled by the body’s ability to heal itself. She is dedicated to supporting your body’s intelligence and guiding you to healing. It is her passion to bring radiant health to those wanting to conquer cancer and get more out of life.


Three months commitment required.


a word from
our founder

Elina Fuhrman

Elina Fuhrman with bowl of Veggie Healing Broth
Lazy Morning

" I feel exhausted, sluggish and run-down, and want more energy"


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