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I easily went through the 5 days cleanse. Most of my friends and co-workers started complimenting me on the glowing facial skin that I can only credit the Soupelina cleanse for. I would like to incorporate the 5 days Soupelina cleanse into my monthly routine.


- Elena

I am now three days into the cleanse. At first I wasn't very sure that it would work - I was full - but other than my husband commenting a couple of times 'this could do with chicken in it' (before he ate it all happily), neither of us have found it difficult and they have all been yummy. We have both dropped weight, but more importantly there are cookies sitting on my desk and I haven't really been tempted by them. Maybe my body is resetting itself a little healthier.


– Isadora

I have high blood pressure and wanted to start eating more healthy with less salt. I love Elina’s recipes. They are healthy and tasty. I could not believe how good they tasted. The recipes are simple too. After just one cleanse, my blood pressure is much better. I highly recommend the Soupelina Cleanse if you want to heal once and for all!


– Michelle

We did two weeks of soup cleansing. My husband, like most men, lost several pounds, felt more energy, and said he would like to continue doing a week of cleaning a month. I lost a few pounds too, and the energy and feeling of satisfaction were wonderful. The only thing we did different from the recipes, is we didn't add all the water during the final blending, because the soup tastes better and is more filling when it's a little thicker.


– Lindsey L 

Elina - you are a genius. Thank you for putting this out to the world.


– Andy

Life changing. At first I thought it would be daunting but I committed to doing the cleanse "full-out" and was blown away by the outcome! I can’t believe how much better I feel. You can't put a price on your health !!


- Tom

I did the Three Day Cleanse and lost 3 lbs. It was simple, satisfying, and I never felt hungry. Your story is an inspiring one. The book is packed with well researched and "souper" useful information!


– ZZ

This is not only a soup cleanse, but a start to a healthier lifestyle, with many helpful tips for looking and feeling better overall. Elina has an easy-going, "we're in this together" vibe and gives you the feeling of hanging out with a cool, in-the-know girlfriend who is encouraging but not preachy.


– Amy

A must for anyone who wishes to heal themselves from the inside out. Some recipes are fairly simple and some are more complex. I feel so good eating the broths and soups. I use them for daily eating, not just as a cleanse. Highly recommend.


– TR

Unexpectedly awesome. This not only helps you learn to make great soups, but provides excellent insight into the ingredients you are using, and why you should know what they do for your body. This is exactly what I was looking for - help me be a better eater, while eating great food!


– Michael

A sensible, informative and beautifully executed format, complete lists of ingredients with each recipe paired with the most enticing'll reap all the benefits from Elina’s painstaking research....quit the canned stuff.......just start souping.


- Joan

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