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"Your soups were delicious! All the doctors liked them. We will be telling patients about them. Thank you."


- Dr. Mao Shing Ni

Authority of Anti-Aging Medicine, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Author


" 'Sweet coconut Thai' is my favorvite, made with sweet potato, red curry, coconut and lemongrass, closely followed by 'Kale-ifornia Dreamin' a delicious mix of kale, sorrel, new crop potatoes and onion." 


-Louise Roe

TV Presenter, fashion journalist, host of NBC's Fashion Star


" I'm still thinking about your amazing kale Sorrel soup! So delicious and I completely felt my body got a little bit healthier from that one cup! Thank you for all that you do. I adore your company and what you stand for and can't wait to order my first Soupelina and spread the word!" 


-Brittany Ishibashi

Actress, Emily Owens M.D., Political Animals


" I never thought that I could get so much satisfaction and an explosion of flavors from a  soup until Soupelina arrived on the scene. Elina's loving attention to every ingredient that she puts in her magic soup potions, are a dose of good energy. Every time i have one of her extraordinary soup blends, I feel a nurturing warmth of goodness. Thank you Soup Fairy Elina for bringing some soup magic my way."


-Shivangi Sutra




" We LOVED our soups....OMG, so so good. We are CRAZY about them. "


-Nathalie Dubois-Sisoko

CEO & Founder DPA Group


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" The kale soup was wonderful! And the bonus was that I felt like I was doing something very healthy for my body. "


-Ashley Curiel

Clinical Psychologist





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