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I Heart Turmeric

Why I cannot get enough if this golden spice

I use turmeric in everything: soups, scrambles, smoothies, curries, veggie stir-fries, salads and even tea. Since I discovered turmeric a few years ago, it was love at first sight.

Of course it helped to know that this ancient Ayurvedic spice is on the Dr. Andrew Weil’s and Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s (no, he is not related to me) list of super foods. There have been so many studies done on turmeric; I don’t know why doctors don’t just prescribe it to people.

There are literally hundreds of health benefits from turmeric and its primary polyphenol known as curcumin…hundreds! And there is not one single side effect.

Here are my top 5 reasons to incorporate turmeric into your daily wellness routine.

1. It heals digestive system, it’s good for your heart, it helps brain function and joint health. Good bye, indigestion!

2. It’s great for headaches and cramps and it’s way better than over-the-counter pain reliever. Trust me!

3. It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

4. It destroys cancer cells

5. It’s anti-aging! Oh yeah, it is the fountain of youth!

I know you are now going to want to buy it and wonder what do I do with it?

I buy my turmeric root fresh at Whole Foods or at a local organic market. I also buy the powder.

Since I want all of the benefits, I start and finish my day with fresh turmeric tea. I read that turmeric tea was responsible for longevity of ladies in Okinawah, Japan. Who doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life?! I will post my turmeric tea recipe in the next post.

I sprinkle it in my tofu scramble (always buy sprouted tofu), salad and I really go all the way (sometimes I splurge as much as 2 tablespoons) when I sauté my veggies, make my lentil soup, dahls and curries. And I never leave my house with out turmeric. It travels with me, along with my Himalayan Pink salt, fresh mint and some other goodies.

p.s. if it wasn’t already amazing, turmeric is a true California girls dream! Turmeric paste is also a home remedy for sunburn and eating turmeric provides a natural sunscreen. I actually noticed that my skin doesn’t get burned as it used to anymore, plus it’s way better than those commercial sunscreens.

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