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A beautiful balance of rich roasted butternut squash, split red lentils and ginger for a deep flavor. Immune boosting, anti-inflammatory and packed with beta-carotene to protect you from winter colds, this soup is more comforting than chicken soup. 


This soup feels like a hug. Hearty, healthy, yummy hug that makes the world pause while you savor its savory and sweet flavors. Of course, this soup improves mood, but it also lowers inflammation, boosts immunity and provides breast health. I’m telling you, Butternut squash and ginger-infused red lentils are a match made in health haven.


Ingredients: organic butternut squash, organic tomato, organic ginger, organic onion, organic red lentils, Himalayan pink salt


À la Carte Ordering only available as an add-on with cleanses or soupscriptions.

I Can't Believe It's Butternut!

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