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Let's CleanseTogether!

I created this program to provide you with the information I wish I knew when I embarked on my healing journey after being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.  


When doctors recommended chemotherapy to stop my cancer in its tracks, I intuitively knew that it would also destroy my immune system. I listened to my gut and said, “No Way!” I went against the doctors’ orders and focused on healing my body with natural, wholesome foods and also changes to my lifestyle and consciousness. When two years later, I was pronounced me “cured” from the “incurable” disease, I cried the tears of happiness. 

Cancer has been my greatest teacher.  Like a compass, it has guided me toward the path I have since been treading. 


My healing journey was not fast nor was it easy, but it has been the biggest gift and the catalyst for tremendous awakening and growth. I learned from medical experts, indigenous healers, therapists, yogis and shamans. I traveled the world from India, Japan, Costa Rica, and New Zealand to New Caledonia, Brazil, Morocco, Madagascar, and Turkey, all to experience ancient healing practices and traditions firsthand. I cooked alongside Ayurvedic chefs and learned how to source medicinal herbs and spices. I also tapped into my inner medicine woman ancestry to reawaken my spirit.


We all have powerful healing wisdom within us, but you have to first awaken it and then nourish it on all levels – physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. 


To Your Vibrant Health!

- Elina

Today, I’m most proud when I help people heal themselves. I’m here on a mission to help you take back the control of your health.


I’m excited to share THE GUT RESET by SOUPELINA® with you! It’s a short but powerful, super-charged hands-on 10-day immersion into your gut health so you can begin to move the needle toward your optimum health. I don’t promise an overnight wellness but I do promise a transformation that is as profound as it is  exciting, yummy and fun.


Hundreds of people have already transformed their health, healed their gut, cleared their acute and chronic conditions, and are bursting with energy and vibrant health. 


Are you ready to jump in?

January 22, 2024


The Gut Reset - DIY.png
The Gut Reset - Guided.png
The Gut Reset - VIP.png

    Heal Your Gut in 10 Days With This Easy-To-Follow Program
    • Complete Gut Reset Protocol (all meals + snacks)
    • Simple Prep Check List
    • Complete Grocery List
    • Cookbook PDF Full of Recipes
    • Easy Healing Kitchen Recipe Pack


    Opening Ceremony: January 22, 2024
    • ALL PDFs, eBooks + Lists From The Do-It-Yourself Gut Reset
    • Guided Ten Day Gut Cleanse
    • Online Community Support
    • Opening + Closing Ceremonies
    • Two Days Live Group Coaching
    • Secret Kitchen Remedies for Improved Health
    • Ayurvedic + Holistic Self-Care Practices
    • Bonus Mindful Eating Practices
    • Food Blessings
    • Guided Meditations + Breathing Practices

    Only 4 Spots Per Detox (LA Area Only)
    • Everything Provided in The Guided Cleanse
    • 5 Day Personalized Soup Cleanse Made For You
    • 1:1 Pre-Detox Prep (60 minutes)
    • 1:1 Post-Detox Coaching (60 minutes)
    • VIP Text Support Group
    • 2-Hour Response Time during Ten Day Cleanse


February 5, 2024



We'll remind you before the next Guided Cleanse begins!

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